Image of Plan for Phase 1, May 2019

Renovation Updates

January 24, 2018

Mother Nature seems intent on testing us, but our renovation team continues to make steady progress.


As shared in December, the main upper pool was poured weeks ago. During the week of January 21, we are excavating and will pour the new “tot” pool (see the photo above). This required removing a power line pole that you might never have noticed in the no-man’s land between the old fence and the old Court 5, but we’re now proceeding apace.

Pump house/pavilion

This has been no weather for playing tennis, so you may not have visited the club lately; but if you visit in the coming week, you should see the new pump house base being worked on – behind the new tot pool.


No further work has been done on the new tennis courts — but expect that to begin in the coming weeks, as we wrap up the pump house and the center of activity starts to move toward the parking lot.


We plan to engage a landscape architect to assist with developing and implementing a strategy for replenishing our green space in a way that addresses near- and long-term needs.

Phase 2

As communicated earlier, Phase 2 of this renovation will focus on the area formerly occupied by the old baby pool, the picnic area formerly occupied by the old lower pump house, and complete redesign of the parking lot. We have begun conceptualization of those elements and aim to have a draft vision of Phase 2 to share with membership by Opening Day (late May).

December 12, 2018

CST’s renovation program continued apace in November, as the construction team dodged poor weather conditions and worked weekends to keep us on schedule. The renovation consists of three major components: the new upper pool (including relocated kiddie pool), the new pump house/party pavilion, and the two new tennis courts.

The renovation’s keystone—the new upper pool—is now well on its way. As of Friday, December 7, the new upper pool is framed out, and the dive well concrete has been poured. During the week of December 10, we anticipate concrete pouring for the remainder of the upper pool, enabling the crew to turn its attention to the pump house/pavilion, and the kiddie pool located adjacent to the main upper pool.

The area for the new tennis courts has been cleared; actual construction will occur during the new year.

October 28, 2018

Chesterbrook Renovation Gets Underway

As members passing by Chesterbrook Swim & Tennis during the past week may have noticed, the long-planned renovation is now very much underway.

Demolition Begins

After conclusion of the lengthy planning and permitting process, we proceeded during the week of October 22 to the demolition phase, as the construction team cleared trees and brush for the location of the two new tennis courts, and it made significant progress in removing the old upper pool. During the week of October 29, we expect to complete demolition of the upper pool and to remove the old baby pool and the pump houses.

Unexpected Tree Removal

We are very saddened to report that two of our club’s largest trees were also cut down and removed this past week. Both the large red oak that stood next to and shaded the lower pool, as well as equally large red oak that was just outside the fence at the upper end of the parking lot, shading the upper pool, were removed. Please know that throughout the renovation planning process, our renovation team had been assured — by the arborist, the County, engineers, and others — that every effort would be made to work around and to preserve these two trees; however, immediately prior to demolition our arborist contractor and the County informed CST that “keeping the trees after construction poses a significant hazard to safety.” Because of that determination, we were left with little choice but to proceed with the removal.

Two additional comments on trees. First, although we have lost a couple of beloved trees, we did manage to collect hundreds of acorns dropped by the red oak tree that shaded our lower pool for 60+ years. We’re reluctant to leave a tray of acorns on the front steps of the club, since that would likely result in a feast for the ages for the local squirrels; so if you would like some acorns to start your own Chesterbrook red oak, please send an email to [email protected], and put “acorns” in your subject line. I would be happy to deliver them to your home!

Second, we are actively working with the arborist and construction team to preserve other mature trees on the lot, and we are working to develop a landscaping plan that takes into account our near- and long-term needs.

Upper Pool Construction

During the coming 2-3 weeks, look for demolition to finish and for construction of the new upper pool to begin, first with full excavation for the enlarged pool, followed by installation of the pipes, and then the “shell.” Weather is always a factor, but our goal is to make major progress on the upper pool during November.

September 26, 2018

Construction Begins

After years of planning, our major renovation to replace the upper pool and add two new tennis courts is now underway. If you have driven past the club recently, you may have noticed the storage units and the chain link fence blocking off much of the parking lot; a construction trailer will also be in place this week. We anticipate significant demolition activities to begin in the very near future. Importantly, all five of our tennis courts are currently accessible for use: parking is somewhat limited, but access to the courts is not obstructed. As construction progresses, we expect interruptions in court access; a schedule of those interruptions will be posted to this website as soon as available. Updates on the renovation will be posted to this site and communicated to the membership via Splash & Smash.