Picking Up & Dropping Off
Picking Up & Dropping Off

With so many parents dropping off and picking up at the club, we wanted to send a couple of safety reminders regarding the flow of traffic in the parking lot and on Kirby Rd.

  • The loop in front of the club entrance is NOT a waiting area. No cars should idle or park in the area in front of the club.
  • No vehicle should remain stopped in the loop for longer than 30 seconds. Lingering causes a visibility hazard and increases the risk of children walking around idling cars and into the path of moving ones.
  • Park and walk children into the pool from the parking lot.
    • Younger children, especially, often need additional time getting in and out of vehicles, and cars block the flow of traffic if parents wait for them to get situated.
  • If you are dropping your child off at the tennis courts, please pick up and drop off near the court so they do not have to walk through the busy parking lot.
  • Do not pick up your child on Kirby Rd. This is very dangerous, causes traffic congestion on Kirby, and is absolutely not allowed.

We are all very busy, and occasionally running behind, but we are also modeling behavior that will be reflected in the young drivers we are raising. Please be patient and always put their safety first.

If you see anyone driving dangerously in the parking lot, please don’t hesitate to let us know so it can be addressed.

Thank you!