Swimming in 2021

 Pool Protocols & Guidelines for 2021 (updates as of May 1, 2021)

We continue to follow guidance from Governor Northam and Fairfax County with regard to operating rules and protocols for the pool.  We will update these measures throughout the summer as we receive new guidance.
Face covers – The use of masks will only be required for check-in and bathroom usage. Members may choose to wear them around the deck, but the only requirement is to use them upon check-in and when using the restroom facilities.  
Social distancing rules still apply –  Non-family members must stay 6 feet apart when sitting on the deckand can share a table. Non-family members must stay 10 feet apart in the water when not participating in a recreational activity like lap swimming or basketball. These are mandates that we must follow from the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Snack Bar/Food – The snack bar area will be open, but we will not be serving hot food for the foreseeable future. Members are permitted to bring their own food and eat off the deck in the picnic area and snack bar, but please follow the social distancing rules.

All rules and hours are subject to change based on usage. Chesterbrook is following guidance from the Governor’s office and will continue to make changes to our rules and operations as the regulations allow.


We much appreciate your patience and courtesy.

Swim Safely