Reserve Court Time / Request Key

How to Reserve a Court Through Our Online System – Only need to reserve courts from May 1 – Sept 30

To Reserve Courts *New this year* –  Chesterbrook is using Club Automation for court and ball machine reservations.  If you have already created an account with Club Automation, log in.  To access Club Automation for the first time, follow the instructions further below. Once logged in, click on “reserve a court” on the left-hand side of the screen; then click on “reserve a court” on the next screen, select your day; then go to the calendar and click on the time slot you’d like (a purple bar will appear; just click or drag to fill in the time slot you want); click on “save reservation” in upper right hand corner.

Reserve Your Court 

To Request Tennis Court Key – Court keys can be purchased at the front desk of the pool for $5 when the pool is open. Off-season please email [email protected] to arrange for purchase.

To Reserve Ball Machine – The ball machine costs $10 and may only be used on Court 3, and only when a) the pool is open so that the front desk staff can access the ball machine in the shed for you; or b) when a pro is on court and can access the ball machine. Follow the above instructions to reserve court 3.  Then, click on  “no ball machine” which will then say “ball machine,” and then click “save reservation.”  Your account will be billed $10.

To access Club Automation for the first time, begin by opening https:/

  • Be sure to not include www. when opening the online portal.
  • Once on the site, locate the “Access My Account” button listed under “First time here?”.  In the “Find my account” section, enter your first name, last name, and email address. After entering your information, select “Search” in the bottom right corner. Once your account has been identified, you will receive a “We found your account.” prompt. A verification email will then be sent to your email address with the final login instructions. Please open your email to access these instructions.
  •  The email you receive includes a verification link that must be opened to complete the setup process. Once the link is selected, you will be directed to an information page where you will enter/verify your personal information.
  • Note: You will only be directed to this information page during your initial log in. Future logins will not require this additional step.
  • Finally, complete all required fields on the information page, agree to the standard liability waiver, and select “Save Account”. You will then be directed to the member portal home page.
  • Standard login: After completing the initial log in steps, your account has been created and you no longer need to use “Access My Account” to log in. Going forward, you will enter your “Username” (your email address) and “Password” (the one you created on your first login) in the “Login to The Tennis Center in Steamboat Springs” box.