Pavilion Party Rental

Here’s how to reserve a private party AT THE PAVILION:

  • Go to the front desk or call (703) 356-4471 during pool hours.
  • Check available dates with the manager. Determine with the manager if there is a date and time that meets your needs.
  • You will need to pay the rental fee to finalize the reservation.
  • Follow the rules outlined below.

Chesterbrook Swim and Tennis Club welcomes private parties sponsored by members. The rules below have been adopted in order to ensure fairness to all members and to assist in the smooth management of the pool. The pool staff will make every attempt to comply with these rules so that all members may enjoy the facilities equally.

  • Parties must be scheduled at least one week in advance by an adult member of the pool. The pool manager will keep a master calendar of events. Parties may be scheduled at the front desk of the pool. (In person or by calling (703) 356-4471 during pool hours.) The pool manager has final approval for party scheduling. Payment must be posted to reserve a party date and time.
  • Only Official pool functions may be scheduled on Holidays. Parties must be scheduled during normal hours of operation and end by 8 pm. No parties will be scheduled on Fridays after 5 pm in mid June or through July. Weekend parties may be held between the hours of 11 am and 5 pm. For dates of Home Swim Meets or Sunday Brunch, parties are held 1 pm – 3 pm and 3 pm –  5pm only. Parties that exceed the total guest limit or are requested after hours will need approval from the CST Board of Directors.
  • Parties may request the Upper Pump House Deck or a grassy area agreed upon by pool management and are restricted to use of the Upper Pump House Deck plus the pools and volleyball court when available.
  • For children’s parties, which include non-member children, the pool manager may require that the attendees listen to a review of the pool safety rules and etiquette. An adult must sign that he/she understands the rules, and an adult must supervise party activity.
  • Party capacity is 20 swimmers with a maximum party size of 30 guests. Payment must be made at time of reservation. A party roster must be completed and submitted to the manager prior to the start of the party time. Guests not listed will not be permitted into the facility.
  • Party fees are $250 for day-time weekdays. Evening and weekend parties are $300.
  • Party duration is limited to two hours each, and consecutive parties will not be approved. Please ensure that party guests exit the pool area within 15 minutes of the scheduled end of the party.
  • Decorations are the sole responsibility of the member sponsor and must be removed at the conclusion of each party.
  • The member sponsor is responsible for the over-all supervision of the party and its guests. The member sponsor is also responsible for picking up trash and placing in the waste receptacles provided and returning all pool furniture and equipment to its original location.
  • Party sponsors are responsible for the safety and welfare of their guests. Guests are expected to comply with club rules and regulations. The manager may halt a party at any time if the guests’ behavior is not compatible with club rules and regulations.
  • The club manager may consider requests for tennis court use based on court availability.

Poolside Phone:
(703) 356-4471 (during pool hours)
Physical Address:
1812 Kirby Road, McLean VA 22101-5230
Mailing Address:
PO Box 494 McLean VA, 22101-0494
Email Address:
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