Membership Information

Chesterbrook Swim and Tennis Club offers only one type of membership, a full membership. The Club maintains 550 full memberships. As described in the Bylaws, the Club grants summer use privileges to individuals or families while waiting for full membership (referred to as a Summer Membership); the Club is limited to keeping a waitlist of a maximum of 110 individuals or families. Membership is offered on a rolling basis; as Full Members request to sell their membership, that “share” is offered to the next family on the waitlist. As that spot on the waitlist opens, another family is offered a spot on the waitlist. Families typically remain on the waitlist anywhere from 1 to 4 years before being offered a full membership. The Membership Director accepts applicants for the waitlist every January up to a total of 110 waitlist members.


Our waiting list will begin for the 2023 season on registration day, January 14, 2023. At that time, you will fill out a registration form and press submit.   You will find the link to this form on this website, www.chesterbrookclub.comon January 14, 2023 at 12:00 pm and not before that time. This is a time-stamped registration. Please fill out only one form. Submitting more than one form does not increase your chances of obtaining summer use privileges. You must apply using the online registration form. Emails and phone calls are not accepted for application purposes. The Membership Director will contact people in the order of application submission to inform them whether they will receive summer use privileges. This process begins mid-February and continues for a number of weeks. Please note that you need to obtain summer use privileges before you can become a full member.

Names of individuals/families who registered but were not offered summer use privileges are not retained for the following year. Applicants who were not offered summer use privileges must reapply the following January. Applicants who are offered summer use privileges do not need to reapply at any time in the future as their place in the waiting list remains until they are offered a full membership. Please note that memberships are only available to individuals or families who reside in Virginia and all living in the same household. IF YOU WERE ON THE WAITLIST AND HAD SUMMER PRIVILEGES FROM 2022, YOU RETAIN YOUR POSITION ON IT AND DO NOT NEED TO RE-REGISTER.

Invoices and Payment Due Date

Current full members will receive a pre-billing notification in early February, reminders to pay by March 15, and an email confirmation that payment was made. The system will automatically charge a 25% penalty, as described in the bylaws, for dues received after March 15. Individuals/families who are on the waiting list and who are offered summer use privileges must pay the invoiced amount by March 15th or the individual/family is removed from the waiting list and no summer use privileges will be offered.

Full Membership

The cost of a full membership includes: a $1000 one-time initiation fee (not refundable when the membership is sold), a $2,000 one-time share purchase (refunded when the membership is sold), the annual dues described below, and an annual capital assessment charge of $150, paid each year for 5 years, to help cover the cost borne by all full members for the recent renovations. Full members retain their membership until they decide to sell. Full members are permitted to vote at all annual and special meetings and can participate in the club’s activities year-round.

The annual dues for a full member for 2023 are $1,200 (one or two members in the family) or $1,280 (3 or more members in the family). The annual dues for a family when one or both spouses in the family is 65 years or older are reduced: $1,080 for a family of one or two and $1,152 for a family of three or more. Annual dues are non-refundable and must be paid by March 15th every year, and as described in the bylaws, annual dues received after March 15th are assessed a 25% penalty.

Please note that the membership “family” includes all members residing in the household, including spouses, parents, minor children, adult children under 25 who are full-time students or who normally reside in the household, grandparents living in the household, and childcare providers currently employed by the household and caring for a child. Childcare providers are to be professionals under regular employ on a year-round or seasonal basis. Neighborhood or occasional babysitters are not included in the childcare category. Please note that all individuals who fall into these categories are counted in the membership family, regardless of whether or not they use the Club facilities.

Summer Use Privileges for Individuals/Families on the Waiting List

The Club grants summer use privileges to individuals or families who are waiting for Full Membership. The summer use privilege dues for those individuals/families for 2023 are $1,630, regardless of the size of the family. Summer use privileges include the use of the facility during the time period when the swimming pool facilities are open, usually mid-May through Labor Day, although the period may be extended or shortened as dictated by the weather and staffing. Individuals or families on the waiting list are welcome to participate in all teams and programs; they may not, however, vote or participate in annual or special membership meetings.  Those with summer use privileges may enroll in spring, summer and fall tennis programs, teams and lessons under the member fee structure.

As full memberships become available, the Membership Director will offer a full membership to an individual/family who is on the waiting list on a first come, first serve basis that is determined by the date/time of application. An individual or family who is offered full membership must either accept or turn down such an offer. If the individual or family accepts the offer, the individual or family becomes a full member upon payment of the full membership dues specified above (the summer use privileges dues are applied in full towards the full membership dues if the offer is extended after the summer dues are paid. If the individual or family turns down a full membership offer, the individual/family is removed from the waiting list and summer use privileges are immediately terminated. In this situation, there will be no refund of summer use privilege dues. Any Waiting List Member who turns down an offer of Full Membership and who is removed from the waiting list may reapply for membership the following year. An individual or family who turns downs an offer of Full Membership when offered for a second time shall be ineligible to apply for any further membership in the club.


Thanks for your interest in Chesterbrook Swim and Tennis Club!

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Hours: Lower Pool Upper Pool Wading Pool

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(For Home Swim Meets on 6/17 and 7/1,
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