2022 Board of Directors Candidates

CST is pleased to announce the following members are running for Board positions this year (please see below). The Club is still seeking one candidate for an open Treasurer position, which is new this year, so please contact Tim Hughes, [email protected], if you are interested in learning more about this Board position.

Full CST members will receive an electronic ballot in the coming weeks to vote on Board members and the proposed by-law changes in advance of the upcoming Annual General Membership Meeting.  The meeting is scheduled for 2 pm on August 28nd in the CST Pavilion


CST 2022 Board Candidates. Please click HERE to review their bios.


VP-Personnel (1) :  Jennifer Nance Kuzmuk, Dave King

Treasurer (2):   Cheryl Lindstrom, Lara Meadows

Communications:  Matt Rees  

Membership:  Werner Watschke 

Strategic Planning:  Kelly Soh 

Secretary / At-Large:  Stacey O’Neill 

Social:  Will Maher 

Tennis Team Rep (JTT):  Griffin Mauk

Tennis Court Activities (Facilities):  Andy Kim 

Swim Team Rep:  Houda Lohman 

Dive Team Rep:  Theresa Valencic