The Chesterbrook Dive Team competes in the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL) Diving Program. http://dive.mynvsl.com/  The team emphasizes fun and safety while also helping divers reach their full potential as athletes.  There are no tryouts.  To qualify for the team, a child just needs to be able to jump off the board.  The coaches will take it from there!

The team typically consists of 60 to 70 divers, ranging in age from 6 to 18.  Divers should expect to compete in several meets during the season, depending on their experience and ability.  There are team social events as well as an end of season awards banquet.  Parental participation is needed at meets and socials.  Please see below for more information on the 2021 season.

2021 Season Info & Updates

The regular season consists of five competitive Tuesday night meets beginning June 22nd and four Thursday night developmental meets.  To qualify for a Tuesday night meet, a diver must be able to do the required number of legal dives for their age group.  For example, 10 and unders must do three dives (a forward dive, a back dive and a flip).  All other divers will compete in Thursday night meets and we have several planned against local clubs.  Dive meets start at 6:00pm, with a warm-up session beforehand (4:00pm for home meets and 5:00pm for away meets).  In addition to these meets, our divers compete in the NVSL Division Individual Championships, the Wally Martin Memorial 3M Championship, and the NVSL All Stars Championship.


Preseason (June 1-11) Monday through Friday

4-5pm 10 and under

5-6pm 11 and older


Regular Season (June 14-July 23) Monday through Friday

730-815am Beginners

805-910am Younger Competitive Divers

9-1030am Older Competitive Divers


Monday and Wednesday

4-5pm All Ages/Levels Open Practice

We understand that families may have conflicts with the practice time they should attend due to participation in swim, tennis, or camps. Please do not let this discourage you from participation in dive! Contact us if this is the case and we will do our best to accommodate your family’s needs.



Dive meets begin at 6pm. Warm-up is from 4-5pm for home meets and 5-6pm for away meets.

A Meets – Tuesdays: 


B Meets (Developmental meets) – Thursdays: 


Other Meets:


Fees: $185 per diver. This covers participation in all dive activities for the season. Chesterbrook members who have never participated on the dive team are welcome to participate in a one week trial of practices during the preseason, after which time payment of the fee is due if your child wishes to continue participating on the team.

Questions or Comments: Please do not hesitate to contact the Dive Team Representatives, Beth Hogan and Jennifer Lager, at [email protected].We hope you’ll join us for an amazing 2021 season!

To learn more about diving, click here: http://dive.mynvsl.com