Little Jaws/Developmental

Who needs to be assessed?

ALL potential and current Little Jaws swimmers.

Our Developmental Program is the future of Chesterbrook and our goal is to make your child’s experience fun and rewarding while providing top-notch instruction. While we want as many children in our program as possible, it is also important to ensure the safety of our swimmers.

Accordingly, eligibility for the Developmental program is based on the following requirements.

Developmental Assessment Requirements:

If you are concerned that your child may not be able to complete all of these requirements, you are still encouraged to have them assessed. Please keep in mind that these requirements are based on a review of other local area swim programs and feedback from our coaches regarding past experiences.  And as mentioned, these requirements are necessary to ensure the safety of your child as well as the safety of other swimmers on the team.

There will be two practices for the Developmental Program.  Practice Group I will be from 7:15 am to 8:00 am.  Practice Group II will be from 8:05 am to 8:50 am.  Requests for particular groups will be accepted but cannot be promised.  Following assessments, swimmers will be grouped according to ability and placed in the appropriate lane.  We hope to have 5 to 7 swimmers per lane during each practice time.

Chesterbrook coaches reserve the right to ask any swimmer who cannot keep up in practice to take additional swim lessons.  Swimmers asked to supplement their practices with lessons will still be allowed to swim in our Monday night meets.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected].