Meet the Coaches – 2018

Meet the Coaches

Chesterbrook is proud to introduce its coaching staff for the 2019 Season.  Bringing together decades of experience with competitive swimming and coaching, Chesterbrook’s coaching staff is one of the league’s best, most-seasoned and most successful.  In addition to their invaluable contributions to the team’s success in the water, our coaches also embody and teach the spirit of Chesterbrook — hard work, leadership, dedication, commitment to excellence, team work and sportsmanship.  Leaders on the deck, as well as in their respective communities, Chesterbrook’s coaches are role models on the deck, as well as in life.

Head Coach – Katherine Stuver  [email protected]

During the most recent NVSL “off-season,” Katherine (DeCrosta) married her soulmate… who just happens to be a former Chesterbrook swimmer and coach, Colin Stuver! Katherine could not be more excited to return again for her third season as the Swim Team’s Head Coach. She started at Chesterbrook in 2015 as our Little Jaws Head Coach, revamping our developmental program. After just one season, she was hooked on everything Chesterbrook! In 2016, Katherine moved from the upper pool to our lower pool as our Swim Team Head Coach. Prior to her time with us, Katherine served as part of the senior coaching staff for neighboring NVSL swim team, Tuckahoe, since 2005. She was Tuckahoe’s Assistant Head Coach for the last six years of her time there. Katherine is a former coach for the York Swim Club and grew up swimming for Tuckahoe and Potomac Valley Swimming year-round. She was a 4-year scholar athlete and captain of the swim team at Langley High School and a 4-year scholar athlete and captain at Franklin & Marshall College (Division III). Katherine’s resume away from the pool is equally impressive – with a VA Licensure in Special Education, K-12, and a Master of Education, Special Education from George Mason University. During the school year, you can find Katherine at Arlington’s Discovery Elementary School where she works as a special education teacher, practicing/subbing yoga at Dancing Mind, or walking her rescue dog, Lucky!

Assistant Head Coach – Hans Crone – [email protected]

Hans is ready to kick off his fifth summer coaching and his third season as Assistant Head Coach. A former Chesterbrook swimmer, Hans competed as a competitive freestyle and breaststroker for 12 seasons. Graduating from the Swim Team in 2014 was in no way a goodbye for Hans. He returned as an Assistant Coach for two summers; a role that enabled Hans and his fellow coaches to share the love of swimming with the opportunity to further develop the culture of Chesterbrook’s family and traditions. Hans took on a new role as Assistant Head Coach in 2017. Before the start of our 2019 season, Hans completed his final year at the University of Colorado Boulder while achieving a spot on the Engineering Dean’s List. He is double majoring with a degree in mechanical engineering and a degree in astrophysics and planetary sciences. He is also minoring in space engineering. When he isn’t studying, you can find him at the pool as he is a member of the University’s Swim Team. After a fantastic and successful 2019 season, Hans will be joining Navigant’s Energy Consulting Department on their Technology, Innovation, and Management team.

Assistant Coach – Chris Outlaw  [email protected]

A part of the Chesterbrook family since he was 4 years old, Chris returns for his fourth season as an Assistant Coach for the Swim Team. It was his experience growing up as a member of the Chesterbrook Swim Team that inspired and motivated him to continue his swimming career as a part of the Virginia Tech varsity team. Before the start of our 2018 season, Chris completed his junior year at Virginia Tech. He is looking forward to spending his summer on deck at his-home-away-from-home, Chesterbrook!

Junior Assistant Coach – Duncan Green [email protected]

Duncan is excited for his first year as a coach for the Chesterbrook Swim team. Swimming for the team since the age of five, Duncan is now ready to give back to the pool in the form of instruction alongside some of the people he has looked up to for years. Outside of coaching, Duncan is completing his first year at the University of Virginia. In the coming years, Duncan hopes to apply into the School of Commerce where he is considering a major in economics. When he isn’t in the classroom, you can find him playing virtually any sport at the club or intramural level. In addition, Duncan spends some of his free time volunteering at the Madison House where he helps tutor elementary school kids. Duncan didn’t want 2018 to be his last summer at the Chesterbrook pool which is a big reason why he is coaching this summer

Associate Coach, 11 & Up – Griffin Morche  [email protected]

Griffin swam for Chesterbrook from 2002 to 2016, coached Little Jaws for three seasons, and enters the 2018 season for his second season as a Swim Team coach.  During his time as a swimmer, Griffin earned the Coaches’ Award in 2013 and the Most Spirited Award in 2016.  In the water, he set the 15-18 200 free relay record in 2014.  Griffin is a high school graduate of Gonzaga where he served as captain of the school’s Swim Team.  He is currently studying psychology at Fordham University. Griffin can’t wait to kick off the 2018 season!

Associate Coach, 10 & Under – Veronica Wolff – [email protected]

Veronica is ready for another season as a Swim Team coach.  She enters this summer a rising junior at Williams College, where she is a Mathematics and Art History double major and a proud member of the Williams Swim and Dive team. She is a long-time member of the Chesterbrook Family and competed for the Tiger Sharks every summer between the ages of 5 and 18. She notes that it was Chesterbrook’s supportive atmosphere, loving camaraderie, and team spirit that kept her coming back – even now as a Swim Team Associate Coach!

Junior Coach – Erin Stuver, 8 & Under – [email protected]

Erin joins us for her second season as Junior Coach after completing her sophomore year at The University of Colorado, Boulder.  Erin is a familiar face on deck at Chesterbrook – former Swim Team member and long-time Little Jaws Coach, she could not be more excited to spend another summer on deck as a Swim Team coach!  She cannot wait to continue Chesterbrook’s strong traditions and is determined to make this the most memorable summer yet.

Junior Coach, 9-10’s – Jessica Monroe – [email protected]

Jessica also completed her sophomore year at The University of Colorado, Boulder, where she is studying to graduate from Leeds School of Business with a dual major in finance and talent management. She returns to Chesterbrook this summer as a Junior Coach. An athlete since a young age, Jessica has experienced many different types of team dynamics – some more successful than others.  She knows firsthand that the team who supports each other is the team that will be successful.


LITTLE JAWS Head Coach – Meagan McArthur – [email protected]

A former Chesterbrook swimmer of 13 years, Meagan returns for her 7th season as a coach for the Little Jaws Program. While she was an Assistant Little Jaws Coach for 4 seasons, a Chesterbrook Winter Swim Assistant Coach for 6 seasons prior, and the Little Jaws Specialist, she walks onto our pool deck this summer as the returning Little Jaws Head Coach. Meagan will work collaboratively with the Little Jaws Assistant Coach, Sabrina, to foster effective, engaging technical stroke technique, monitor and evaluate swimmers’ progress in the water to identify areas of needed instruction, establish new Little Jaws events/traditions, and further promote a unified Team among the Little Jaws and the Swim Team. Before the start of our 2018 season, Meagan can be found enjoying the “real world” as she recently graduated as an Exercise Science major at James Madison University in May. She will be heading to Dallas, TX in January to start her chiropractic schooling at Parker University! Coach Meagan shares: “I am so excited for the upcoming season and I know Coach Sabrina and all the swimmer coaches cannot wait to get on the pool deck. We enjoy the season as much as the kids because it’s always so much fun!”


LITTLE JAWS Assistant Head Coach – Sabrina Kersten– [email protected]

After swimming on the team for 13 years, Sabrina returns this summer as a Little Jaws Senior Assistant Coach! She just completed her freshman year at Miami University but plans to continue her studies at the University of Virginia in the fall. After coaching Little Jaws for 4 years, she cannot wait to have a greater leadership role in the program and continue to spread her love for Chesterbrook to the younger swimmers of our community! Sabrina shares: “Chesterbrook has and always will be so special to me, and I’m very excited to be a part of the younger swimmer’s exciting journey at Chesterbrook. I look forward to a memorable season filled with hard work and fun!”