Proposed Bylaw Changes

CST Board’s Recommended Changes to the Club Bylaws

Periodically, the CST Board may determine that certain changes to the existing by-laws should be recommended for approval by the membership. This year, the Board is proposing a series of changes to the current by-laws. 

Listed below are explanations of the key updates to the CST bylaws, including the Board’s rationale for recommending the changes. The Board is also recommending some technical, but not substantive, edits to the bylaws that are also shown in the draft.

To view all of the proposed updates to the bylaws, please view this draft: 2023 UPDATES

ARTICLE III Membership. Section 11. Suspension and Cancellation for Failure to Meet Financial Obligations.

The revision shortens Summer Member payment period from 30 to 15 days. Rationale: the “domino process” of our annual membership registration system whereby a member requests to sell, the summer member at the top of the waitlist is extended an offer and pays or declines, and a new family is offered a summer membership, is extending almost to Club opening time in May. This change will require Summer Members to decide quickly whether to accept and pay for a full membership, allowing additional new Summer Members to join the Club by opening day.

ARTICLE X Use Privileges. Section 5. Privileges for Summer Members.

The change clarifies that the 25% of the current dues late fee penalty applies both to members who are late in paying AND who are late in notifying the Membership Director that they wish to sell their membership. Rationale: members requesting to sell must do so by the payment deadline. Nonpayment is not sufficient to indicate a request to sell the membership.


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