Swim Team FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the Swim Team?

As long as you are a Chesterbrook Swim & Tennis Club member and your child is under the age of 18years they can join the Swim Team.

Who needs to tryout to be on the team?

If your child is new to the team or looking to move from the upper pool to the lower pool practices he/she will need to go to the assessment.

When are the assessments?

Those dates will take place in April and May and are to be announced.

What is the purpose of Time Trials?

Time Trials enable coaches to place your child properly in relation to other swimmers in his/her age group.  Being placed properly will allow your child to compete against swimmers of comparable ability/speed.  Also, this will allow coaches to get times in every stroke for all swimmers for placement in upcoming meets.

Who participates/swims in Time Trials aka “Red & Black Meet”?

All swimmers that are currently practicing in the lower pool must participate at the R&B Meet.

How will I know if my child will Swim a Saturday Dual Meet?

Every Friday morning before practice begins, coaches will have a sit down session and announce the swimmers that will swim on a Saturday Dual Meet.

What if my child is scheduled to swim on a Saturday Dual meet and they are unable to swim?

It is absolutely essential that the Head Coach be notified no later than the prior Tuesday if a swimmer cannot participate in a Saturday Dual meet.

Also, during online registration, if you know that you will be out of town during the swim season it will be helpful if you check-off on any weekends that you anticipate of being out of town.

If your child wake up sick on Saturday morning call your team reps as soon as possibly.  This is extremely important so that we can notify a substitute for a sick swimmer.

Will a meet be canceled?

Meets are delayed or canceled based on weather, the head referee prior to the start of the meet will decide this.

When should I arrive at a Saturday Dual or Monday night B meet?

Swimmers should arrive 1 hour before the start of the meet to set up and participate in warm ups.

How long will the Saturday Dual meet last?

Saturday meets start at 9am and end around 11:30am – 12noon.  After home meets there is usually a post lunch meal that is serve for all swimmers.  After away meets the team will usually meet a designated lunch spot.

How long will the Monday night meet last?

Monday night B meet start at 6:00pm and end around 9:00pm.  You have the option of leaving after your swimmer completes his/her individual events.  If you are working as a volunteer, please stay until your job is complete.  It is fun, too, to stay until the end to cheer on your fellow teammates.

How do I know if my child is swimming on a Monday night B meet?

Monday night meets are open to everyone.  Every swimmer must sign-up (sign-up sheets are located at the bulletin board by the Snack bar window) before 10:30am Monday the day of the meet.

Little Jaws/Upper Pool Swimmer, their Swimmer Coach will be the one to sign-up your swimmer.  The Swimmer Coach will contact you Monday morning to let you know what your child will be swimming that evening.

Can my 9yr old swim with my 12yr old at practices?

As a rule, NO.

How do I volunteer?

You will be able to select from several volunteer opportunities throughout the season.  An email, brochure, or sign-up sheets will be circulated for the many events.  As a parent of a swimmer we ask you to volunteer for at least 4 events.

What is the Pasta Party/Pep rally?

The Pasta Party/Pep rally is the time for ALL swimmers and families to get together.  Every family contributes a pasta dish or a salad.   They occur on Friday’s beginning at 5:30 and have a planned activity for the swimmers to get excited for the upcoming Saturday and Monday night meets!  Pasta Party/Pep Rally END at 8:00pm—everyone must leave at that time to get a good night’s rest for Saturday morning.