Summer Camp 2020

Chesterbrook will hold its world-famous summer camp:

Campers will participate in various activities in and out of the water, including water safety skills, tennis, wiffle ball, and a raft party. Campers will also make tie-dye clothing and do other arts and crafts. The last day features a mock Olympics where campers compete for their respective teams in classic CST Olympic Games such as the kickboard relay, hula hoop contest, water balloon sling shot, splash competition, and tug-of-war.

If you are a member and would like to register, please login to the CST Member Portal and choose “Scheduling” from the top menu bar. “Scheduling” has an option for Camps/Classes and you will see the different camp options there.  If you need more information please send an e-mail to the pool manager, Michael Coleson, at [email protected]. Nonmembers should contact Michael for registration information.